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Alternative energy and photovoltaic plants


There are many personalized services developed over the years, proposals to deepen concepts and innovative products for energy production from renewable sources: photovoltaic and solar thermal,biomass, biogas, wind power.


The photovoltaic panels:  enable the production of electricity using sunlight; they have an average life of 25-30 years.


Biomass is a set of organic substances derived directly or indirectly from photosynthesis: various biological materials and waste from agriculture, livestock farming and industry re-used as raw material for the production of bio-fuels.


The biogas or biological gas is formed through a complex biological process: anaerobic digestion where the organic substance in the absence of oxygen is converted into gas consisting essentially of methane and carbon dioxide.


Wind power is the product of the conversion of the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy through a wind farm. Wind energy is an alternative source


Thanks to the contribution of highly qualified personnel, Sigma Group, designs, creates and manages several power plants. The company has already realized PV plants for the ground and coverage, for a total production of about 20MW of electricity.

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